Metro Kheti myth: Weight in rooftop

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Weight on rooftop

Post 2072 earthquake in Nepal, a lot of news loomed across the city areas that houses which had a rooftop garden in them had collapsed in a larger number as compared to houses which had nothing on the roof. This is where the second myth comes into play ‘The concern about the weight of a rooftop garden in the house’. Some people have the misconception that putting weight on your roofs lead to the collapsing of houses. However, this being regarded as an honest concern can be conquered by consulting engineers and structural professionals. The distribution of weight over the rooftop sure might increase a little weight on the house but there are plenty of tips that can be followed to even and minimize it. First can be choosing light weight potting materials over soil like coco peat, perlite, vermiculite, peat moss, maize stubbles and well decomposed sawdust. The second approach can be distributing the weight over the pillars and beams of the house. It is very relevant arguments that you wouldn’t want anything happen to your beautiful house but in this era of urbanization when one has to run to jungles in search of nature, how about you create nature around yourself in your own rooftop or any open space available without being worried about the weight it puts on your house?

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