Metro Kheti myth: Lack of knowledge

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Growing Plants

Due to a very little information, rooftop gardening in Nepal has not gained enough momentum yet. (TKP 2020) From the informal conversations with the people residing in the three major cities namely Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktpaur certain myths about rooftop farming has been mined out. The first and foremost is that people are scared about the notion of obtaining complete independence in vegetables because they lack the technical know-how. This is the major reason behind which they choose beautiful flowers and aesthetically pleasing plants over vegetable growing. Framing is an art and it gets good with practice. The stereotypical image of a man riding behind his bulls on a sunny winter day on the fields isn’t only the one who is a farmer. There’s a Chinese proverb that says we all are born as farmers. Every single individual living inside the four corners of a concrete house with an empty rooftop can be a farmer and there are plenty of technical minds ready to guide them through the process of rooftop farming.  

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