Metro Kheti myth: I have no time.

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Every parent in this world is concerned about their children’s association with electronics. There are bizarre findings on the internet that says horn like bumps are growing on the bases of the skulls of younger people due to excessive phone use. Children in the states and European nations are said to have nature deficit syndrome where the major diagnosing factors are the myopic eyes, obese, Vitamin D deficiency with higher rates of physical and emotional illnesses and other maladies. This is where the third and the most solvable myth comes into play; the ‘I have no time to farm’ myth. Metro farms can be a recreational activity for the entire family where every member can run to the roofs in the evening, water plants, plant seeds, harvest fruits, pluck weeds turn by turn in less than an hour. To make it more interesting, the seeding, germination, flowering and fruiting can be duly noted in a separate Metro farm calendar where the leadership can be given to your children. Children who spend more time in the nature are found to be more creative, engaging and socially behaved. Metro farms can be a physical, mental and emotional exercise to the entire family. An hour off from our robotic lives is a must and spending it to grow our own vegetables will be the best way to make the most out of it. There are also some misconceptions where rooftop gardening is considered as a stay-at-home moms job or a time-pass activity for someone who has a plenty of time. Well, it can be but rooftop gardens can be maintained even with a regular job side by side. The plants won’t demand a lot of your time and attention; an hour a day will do. Plus they are cute, you would definitely make time for them.

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