Why is Metro Kheti here?

Every time the southern neighbors impose a blockade in Nepal, there is a panic looming across the streets of metropolitan cities. A few days back when India decided to stop the export of onions I overheard a shopkeeper telling a customer, “I told you to take 3 kilograms yesterday but you did not listen to

Soil Grubs

खुम्रे किराको नोक्सानी र रोकथामका उपायहरु  परिचय  स्काराबेइडी (Scarabidae) परिवार अन्तर्गत पर्ने खुम्रे माटोमा बस्ने एक विनाशकारी लार्भे किरा हो।बिषेशगरी अन्न तथा तरकारीबालीको जरा नस्ट पारी उत्पादनमा १०५ सम्म क्षति पुराउन सक्ने एक किसिमको किरा हो । हेर्दा बोसो जस्तै देखिने शरीरमा सेतो रंग रटाउकोमा खैरो वा रातो रंग, ३ जोर खुट्टा भएको र छुदा

Crop rotation Crop rotation refers to the cultivation of different crops successively, in line with changing seasons. The order and area of crops to be grown is accordingly patterned for optimizing soil nutrients and water, controlling pests and suppressing weeds. Crop rotation in rooftop farming comprises of simple rotation of two or three crops. An


Metro Kheti myth: I have no time.

Every parent in this world is concerned about their children’s association with electronics. There are bizarre findings on the internet that says horn like bumps are growing on the bases of the skulls of younger people due to excessive phone use. Children in the states and European nations are said to have nature deficit syndrome

Weight on rooftop

Metro Kheti myth: Weight in rooftop

Post 2072 earthquake in Nepal, a lot of news loomed across the city areas that houses which had a rooftop garden in them had collapsed in a larger number as compared to houses which had nothing on the roof. This is where the second myth comes into play ‘The concern about the weight of a

Growing Plants

Metro Kheti myth: Lack of knowledge

Due to a very little information, rooftop gardening in Nepal has not gained enough momentum yet. (TKP 2020) From the informal conversations with the people residing in the three major cities namely Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktpaur certain myths about rooftop farming has been mined out. The first and foremost is that people are scared about

Vermicompost : Definition

👉Vermicompost अर्थात गड्यौला मल पोषण पदार्थले भरिएको एउटा उत्तम जैविक मल हो ।👉गोबर मल पातपतिंगर, पराल, माटो आदि विभिन्नकुराहरु गड्यौलाले खाएर उत्पादन गरेको मलले माटोलाई मलिलो बनाई त्यसको जैविक गुण बढाउनका साथै बोटविरुवालाई आवश्यक तत्वहरु दिने गर्छ ।👉गड्यौला मलको प्रयोगले बोटविरुवालाई बलियो बनाउका साथै हाम्रो उत्पादन पनि बढाउदै लैजान्छ ।👉गड्यौलाले आफुले खाएका जैविक पदार्थ मध्य

५ केजि कोकोपिट भिजाएपछि २५ देखि ३० केजिको हुन्छ । तलका सम्पूर्ण अनुपातले भिजाइ सकेपछिको कोकोपिट जनाउछ । 1. उपलब्ध छ भने राम्रो मलिलो पात पतिङ्गर, ढुङ्गा, ठुटा हटाइएको माटो १ भाग, कोकोपिट १ भाग र कम्पोष्ट १ भाग मिलाउनु पर्छ ।2. माटो उपलब्ध नभएको खण्डमा कोकोपिट र कम्पोष्ट १ १ भाग मिलाउनु पर्छ ।3.

metrokheti compost bin

Composting through the Compost bin

Step by Step Guide for Composting; Step 1 Get a compost bin Step 2 Cut greens (nitrogen containing) and browns (carbon containing) of finger size. The mix of green and browns should be in equal proportion for quality manure formation. Step 3 Put small dried branches on the base. Base of the compost bin should