About Us

With the spirit of transforming the urban cities of Nepal into a sustainable, clean and green urban environment, we a group of youngsters from diverse educational backgrounds have teamed up. Our company has a simple vision to create self-sustainable cities and encourage the urban households in Nepal to start growing their own food at the unutilized spaces of their houses. To achieve this vision, we not only provide the tools and equipment to get started, we also provide consultation services to our customers and training about urban farming. We want to be a part of every urban household’s farming journey in Nepal and make growing your own food ‘a new normal’


We are a youth led company trying to transform the metro areas of Nepal by promoting Urban farming. We dream of a pollution free, lush-green and organic city and want to be a part of every household’s Metro Kheti journey.

We say yes to farming and yes to growing our own food. We provide every service required to start your Metro farm starting right now.

Our Mission

Provide one stop online marketplace for urban farmers. Assist to install and operate an urban farm. Collaborate with stakeholders to introduce, promote & adopt Urban farming. Partner with local producers to assist in selling their excess produce at a fair price.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute in the creation of a self-sustainable urban communities through supply of quality implements and services needed for installation and operation of urban farms/gardens. Thereby, ensuring our every customer has a green plate full of home-grown fresh food and that they deeply connected to nature. #1000metrofarmsby2022 #sustainablemetrocities #homegrownfoods

We Believe In

Collaboration. Compassion. Sustainability. Constructive and Collective Transformation.


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Our team of experts will help you in setting up and operate your own organic garden farms at a very reasonable cost.


We provide general trainings for different stakeholders to help them get started with urban farming in their households. Not only do we provide trainings to get started, but we also provide it for improving the pre accumulated knowledge about rooftop farming.

Product Supply

Metro Kheti is a one stop place for all your urban farming requirements. We have an online website, from which customers can order variety of seeds, biofertilizers, herbs, plants and agriculture equipments required for urban farming.


Our consultation service is implemented in a proactive way as we have a close network with our customers. We are available via call or on spot consultation services for our customers regarding urban farming utilisation in their households.

Farm Design and Setup

We provide our customers detailed information on farm designs and setup that benefits their household in social, health, economic and environmental friendly manner.

Our Story

Tomorrow might be the perfect day to harvest your crops but today is the perfect day you start growing.

Year 2020 started with a pandemic none of us were expecting. While a lot of time lay ahead of us during the lockdown, we found people still dependent upon local agro marts to fill their plates with food. Most of us at Metrokheti practice rooftop farming and know the amount of happiness a handful of self-grown ‘dhaniya’ can provide. We want to share this happiness with your family. Invest an hour of your day enjoying the cool wind at your rooftop garden and see the miracles that will follow. You don’t know what materials to use? Need consultation to start and upgrade your rooftop garden? No problem, we will tell you how. Tomorrow might be the perfect day to harvest your crops but today is the perfect day you start growing. We have stepped in and now it’s your turn. Let us deliver you with everything you require to make your journey of urban farming aMAIZEing.